Couple therapy

In my consulting room I offer couples a comfortable, safe space where you and your partner can work on resolving your problems, improve communication, enhance mutual understanding, and strengthen your connection. Couple therapy is about helping you to build, maintain and develop healthy relationships. A trusting therapeutic space helps partners to share vulnerable feelings and explore relationship dynamics. Couples often describe their counselling experience as a journey, during which they learn how to relate to each other in a way that enables closeness, intimacy and kindness.

Individual relationship counselling

A sense of connection with people that we care about has always been a vital source of meaning in our lives. Close and satisfying bonds with people make us happier and more resilient; they improve our well-being and physical health. Problems in relationships can lead to emotional pain, depression and anxiety. Engaging in individual counselling can help you to resolve these difficulties in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Whether you are experiencing problems with sustaining romantic relationships or friendships, or you struggle with unhappy family life, I offer you a reflective and thoughtful space where we can make sense of your experience.